How to Play KNOCK ‘EM


Keep your towers standing while trying to knock down all the other players towers. Last tower standing wins!


Regular Towers (12): 3 of each color (blue, gray, green, white).

Special Towers (4): 1 of each color (blue, gray, green, white).

Death Tower (1): 1 black tower




Balls (4): 1 of each color (blue, gray, green, white)

Bag (1): 1 to carry KNOCK 'EM game contents


What Each Part of the Game Does

Regular Tower: Has no special purpose, but you have to have at least one of your towers (regular or special) to win the game.

Special Tower (color tower with logo): If you knock over another players special tower then you get to bring one of your towers back into the game. If all your towers are still up then you do not get an extra tower back. If you knock your own special tower over, you do not get one back.

Death Tower (black tower with logo): This tower is placed in the center of the game. If you knock it over while throwing the ball, then all your towers are removed from the game and you lose. The death tower is set back up and other players continue playing.

Ball: The ball is thrown to knock over other players’ towers.

Boundary: There is not a visible boundary, but you can imagine a circle drawn around the four outer towers. 

Towers will always remain within this boundary (boundary doesn’t grow). Your ball, however, can go outside the boundary and if it does then that is where you throw from next. If your ball is outside of the boundary and you want to move a tower, then you will place it on the outer boundary in between your ball and the death tower.

[If you want to create a boundary, you can mark it with knocked down towers or with your flip flops. If you are at the beach you can draw a boundary in the sand. If you are playing in snow you can do the same. Find some sticks, use your shoes, the options are endless. You are smart; we believe in you!]


Place the death tower in the center of the playing field. Each player sets up their 4 towers of the same color evenly spread apart, with the special tower farthest from the center (we recommend 3 feet, but you can place them closer or farther for an easier or harder game) to form a plus sign like formation. Place each ball behind the corresponding colored tower. 


Game Play

To decide who goes first, each players roll their ball towards the center. Closest to the death tower without touching it goes first (If you accidentally knock over a tower, no worries, just set it back up). Play then continues clockwise. This is based off the starting position of each player; moving around doesn't affect the turn order.

There are three potential steps that can be taken during each players’ turn

  1. Throw or roll your ball at another players tower, trying to knock it over (You must throw from behind where you pick up your ball). After you throw your ball, wherever your ball lands is where you will throw from on your next turn.
  2. After you've thrown, you can pick one of your standing towers and move it one step away from your ball (within a step, not a step and a reach), within the boundary (you do not have to move a tower)
  3. If you knock over another player's special tower, you can bring one of your knocked down towers back into play. This tower can be placed anywhere within the boundary.

Then it is the next player's turn. Leave your ball where it lands until your next turn. You cannot block other players’ throws.

Note: If you knock over the death tower while throwing the ball then all your towers are removed from the game and you lose. The death tower is set back up and other players continue playing.

Winning the Game

There are three slightly different variations to the end game:

Version 1. Standard play continues until there's only one tower left (this can take the longest, and be the most challenging)

Version 2. When there are only two players left and each player has only one tower, towers can no longer be moved. Each player stands behind their last standing tower and players take turns trying to knock over their opponents' tower.

Version 3. Same as version two, but each time a player misses, they move their tower one step closer to the other player.


What if I knock over someone's tower, but then it stands back up?

This is the worst! But if the tower is standing, it is still in play. Your opponent must have something lucky they are wearing!

Can I knock down multiple towers in the same throw?

Yes, you can! If you knock over two at a time, we call it "the Doble" (pronounced doh-blay).

What if I knock over my last tower, but an opponent's special tower in the same throw?

Congratulations, you are still alive! Bring a tower back and place it anywhere in the playing area.

What if there are only two players left and I knock down my opponents last tower and the death tower in the same throw?

You lose! Any time you knock over the death tower, you lose!

So, then what if I knock over any opponents' tower and the death tower and it isn't their last tower?

You still lose and are out of the game, but your opponent's tower still is out of the game.

What if I knock over multiple special towers in single throw or throughout the game?

You can get a tower back for as many special towers as you knock over, but you must have a knocked over tower to get a tower back

What if there are only two players left and you knock down your last tower and an opponents last tower at the same time?

You lose, and your opponent wins, unless it is their special tower, in which case you win!